Cablenet Professional Business Partner

We are very proud to announce that AceNetworks became Cablenet Professional Business Partner at the Cablenet Partners Annual Event, held at 18th March 2015.
The award was presented by Mr. Nicolas Shiacolas, Cablenet CEO.


Cablenet operates its own independent network in Cyprus using the required infrastructure which ensures the highest standards of service. The telecommunications industry is progressing at a fast rate, consequently, the expectations of most organizations are escalating significantly and need to be adjusted to your organization’s needs.

Hosted PBX is a service that offers corporate clients the functionality of a fixed telephony system without the need for purchasing a physical telephony system. The only requirement in using the service is the IP telephony handsets or soft-phones and an Internet connection with fixed IP address that need to be available at the Customer.

For any details and clarifications on Cablenet services, please contact us at +357 22516181 or

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